The department of Physiology is located in the Third floor of academic building. It has five different laboratories equipped with audio-visual aids and sophisticated ultra modern instruments for experiments.

Hematology Lab

Equipped with modern microscope and other allied instruments for the complete study of blood.

Amphibian Lab

Having modern kymographs and other allied instruments to demonstrate the muscle contraction and various other studies using frog.

Mammalian Lab

Equipped with Isolated organ bath, High speed kymograph and other allied instruments for the study of different organ functioning using animals like rat, rabbit, which are useful for both undergraduate as well as post graduate studies.

Clinical Physiology Lab

Equipped with ECG machines, B.M.R. instrument, spirometer, Bicycle ergometer and other allied instruments for monitoring various systems on human beings.

Research Lab

Equipped with single and multi channel Physiographs, Polyright, Gas Analyzers, pH meter, Incubator, instruments for recording passive movements, calorimeter and other instruments for the extensive research work.